Buy Your Personal Aircraft

If you have ever dreamed of owning a plane, but the cost is out of reach? Then this is an affordable alternative that is 10 times the fun at 1/10th the cost! For less than $10,000 (the expense of only getting a private pilot’s license and then having nothing to fly), you can instead complete 25 hours training during just one week’s time to obtain your Ultralight Pilot’s License, and still have enough money left over to purchase your own single or two place Ultralight aircraft!

Any current Private Pilot License holder is qualified to fly an ultralight with minimal additional training in weight shift control and equipment setup/maintenance.

Ultralights even have a lower registration, licensing, and operating cost than an automobile! Aircraft Registration is a one-time fee of just $110, your Ultralight Pilot License is also a one-time fee of just $55, and Insurance is as little as just $200 a year! So if you own a boat or snowmobile that you can only use for 3 months each year, sell it and for the same cost you can purchase an Ultralight that you can fly 365 days all year around and give you the freedom, fun, and excitement that you dream of!

Not only do we have equipment available from our manufacturers and our used stock below, but we also have access to a list of used ultralights available all over North America! We can crate and ship or deliver your new aircraft in-person. So call us for all your training and equipment needs, and soon you will be able to launch yourself skyward from your home (or closest airport) and fly anywhere – just like in the Jetsons cartoon!

  • A modern day “Flying Car”… until they invent the Jetson’s Flying Saucer!
  • Cruise anywhere just like any other aircraft!
  • Launch and land at any airport, or your own backyard!
  • Range 3-5 hrs at up to 150 kph, as the crow flies!
  • Reliable, low maintenance, just fill with auto fuel and oil!
  • Can be folded and stored beside your car in the garage!

New Ultralight Sales

We are the Canadian dealer for the following brands of Ultralights, and for parts support. Click on the links below to find out more specific information, and then call or email us for questions and Canadian/US pricing.

North Wing (USA):
Manta Aircraft (USA):
Airborne (Australia):

Used Ultralight Sales

2001 Airborne EdgeX TrikeAirborne EdgeX Trikes (2 available)
#1 – 2001 with Rotax 582, excellent condition (photo), Low hours, Rotax 582, Radio. Comes with or without your choice of new Gibbo Manta RST 17 or Used Airborne Wizard3 Wing to fit your budget.
#2 - 2002 Rotax 582 E-box, yellow, 160 hrs, Radio, Newer Strutted Mustang3 w/50 hrs (or substitute Manta or Wizard above for lower price), optional Radio,BRS,Helmets,Training Bars, etc.
North Wing ATF Stratus Wing NZ-34 Engine with electric startNorth Wing ATFs (2 available)
#1 - Brand new in stock! Stratus double surface speed wing, MZ-34 (30hp) Engine w/electric start, stored & never flown, custom matching blue seat, custom matching yellow instrument pod, (over $2000 of options), just $11,950!
#2 – Dream 220 soaring wing, powerful Kawasaki 2 cylinder (34 hp) Engine with electric start, less than 1 hr airtime, tundra tires, just $8,900!