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Come see our Static Display of Ultralights at the Manitoba Airshow Aug 3/4!

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Check out our “Sky-High Flying Boat Adventure” story online on page 21 in the “Manitoba Outdoors Magazine”: 

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Phone Barry at (204)333-9464

Testimonial:  Hi Barry, just wanted to thank you again for giving me such a wonderful experience with that incredible flight! It really felt like being a bird! A real sense of peace and amazement all at the same time. You are an extremely talented pilot and it is hard to find words to describe the emotion and beauty of that flight. Thank you for all you did to make it extra special for me it is Very much appreciated. I spent hours after just thinking of all the moments and details of that flight. You have a great talent of flight, a patient teacher, a fun sense of humour, a wonderful adventurous spirit and kind heart.  Thank you! Look forward to another flight with you again!  Sept 5, 2019

If you have been searching for an adventure that exceeds every other adrenaline sport, then THIS IS IT!  In fact, the sport of Hang Gliding is one of the world’s earliest adventure sports, started over 125 years ago when Otto Lilienthal created and flew the worlds first Hang Gliders in the 1890’s, and inspired the Wright Brothers to begin their flying experiments starting with kites, then gliders, and finally added a motor to their Hang Glider to create the world’s first Ultralight Aircraft!!

Adventure At Altitude has a variety of First Flight and Instructional experiences that will fulfill your Dreams of Flight, so you can experience the same excitement of Discovery just like the Wright Brothers when you hook into a Hang Glider, or rocket Skyward on board a motorized Ultralight, Flying Boat, or Flying Snowmobile!!

If its your first time and you want to feel what its like. You can get an introductory groundschool lesson, then experience true free flight soaring just like the birds, plus feel hands on control during your very first flight by signing up for an Introductory SkyRide!  Select a flight to suit your level of adventure: Gentle Sightseeing, Wild Aerobatic, or Extreme Altitude!

Do you want to become a Licensed Pilot?  Your first SkyRide will be logged as your 1st hour of training when you sign up to take a lesson package!  We will provide all the equipment, books, and training you need to fly a Hang Glider, Ultralight, Flying Boat, or Flying Snowmobile yourself!!

During the first session, you will receive a ground training lesson to prepare for flight!  Then you can customize your experience to suit your own personal level of adventure: From a mild and gentle Co-Pilot flight, to an Extreme Altitude Mile-High flight above the clouds, or a thrilling adrenaline pumping aerobatic Fear Factor experience that beats any roller coaster!  During the flight, you can take over control from your Certified Instructor to feel how easy it truly is to pilot your own personal aircraft!

You can complete the 25 hours of instruction in less than one week to become a fully licensed pilot quickly.  Or with limited time, you can spread your lesson package out over an entire season or two by just booking our shortest 2 hour session with no set schedule!  Just make a reservation whenever you have time to fly!

Adventure at Altitude’s Pro-Shop and Online Stock Listing features a huge selection of new and used aircraft, equipment and flying accessories to choose from that is affordable to fit your budget.

Our Facility is open by reservation only – based on our flying schedule and the weather conditions.  So if you would like to fly, or even if you are not flying and just want to have a look around and talk to the pilot/instructor, it’s important to click the “Reservations” tab and click “Make a Reservation” to see our flying dates f0r the next month.   If you have questions, please phone 1 day in advance so the Pilot knows when to expect you so he can be on the ground to spend time showing you around.

We operate from a hanger behind the Airliner Drive-In in Beausejour.  So bring your entire family, friends, and pets out to enjoy some Ice Cream on a hot day, to dine on the best Burgers and Fries in Manitoba, and to be entertained by the Hang Gliders and Ultralights taking off from the Runway beside the restaurant.  Be sure to call at least 48 hours in advance to reserve your Introductory SkyRide Lesson!

Adventure At Altitude is the place to Experience your “First Flight”, and to get your License to FLY!!