What to Bring

It’s essential to read this entire page to understand our process and know what to do. Don’t skim through nor skip any topics.  Some have missed their flight, got lost, or driven out after the day has been cancelled by simply not following these instructions exactly. So don’t let that be YOU!

Without a secretary, the pilot can’t answer the phone during a flying day… So BE SURE TO LEAVE A MESSAGE. Don’t make more than 1 phone call nor leave more than 1 voicemail per day because it is normal to wait until the next day for a return phone call.

Voicemail acts as a “secretary” for most of the communication between us, so you usually don’t have to wait to talk to a live person. Instead listen to the daily message that lists the flying dates for the week and the latest update for that day’s flying. If the pilot is able to answer then he can provide all the information you need. During a flying day, the message is updated several times to relay up-to-the-minute schedule changes in case we have to postpone or cancel your flight at the last minute with just 55 minutes warning before your scheduled time due to un-forseen weather changes or equipment maintenance issues!

Upgrade your Adventure!

If you have our basic 1000 foot Co-Pilot flight, you can get more “Bang for your Buck” by upgrading to our more Adrenaline-filled “Fear Factor” Aerobatic Adventure, or double your airtime with our best, longest, and highest “Extreme Altitude Mile High” Experience.

On a Co-Pilot SkyRide, you will cruise around the countryside gently at 1000 feet enjoying the Scenic view for approximately 10-15 minutes (plenty of flying time for the timid). But perhaps you want your first bucket-list flying experience to be the best ever!

To get the Spine-Tingling Chills & Thrills you desire, upgrade to a Fear Factor SkyRide where we more than double the altitude to 2300 feet (since 1000 feet isn’t high enough when we dive at 2000 feet per minute)!! You will defy the force of Gravity and pull some G’s as you pick up speed to over 100 kph in less than 4 seconds (that’s faster than most drag race cars can accelerate), followed by many weightless stalls, straight down dives, climbing wingovers, and spiral spins! Its better, higher, and faster than any ground-bound Roller Coaster you have every experienced!!! Its just $50 extra for so much more! Its best to upgrade in advance by phone with a credit card when you book your reservation so we can spend more time flying with you. You can upgrade at the last minute before your flight (or even during the flight if you gain some courage once in the air).

If you like to take everything to the MAX, then go for our best Extreme Altitude Mile High SkyRide to 5,300 feet with 30 minutes airtime! It’s so high that you will probably get above the clouds see the most incredible 360 degree view of the countryside over 100 km away! Above the clouds you will feel the smoothest air for the best hands-on control, plus you can choose to experience the wildest and longest aerobatics possible (because the aerobatics in our “Fear Factor” flight may be over too quickly for the most adventurous who can truly handle it)! So up-size your Co-Pilot SkyRide to EXTREME for just $100 (that’s just $25 per thousand feet extra altitude). You will be rewarded with 3x longer airtime, 5x the altitude, 10x the view, and 100x more excitement! WOW!! We prefer that you upgrade at the time of your reservation since we will arrange our day’s schedule to spend more time flying with you, and to make sure you bring warmer winter-weight clothing. Sometimes we may be able to accept your upgrade before your flight only if your slot is not fully booked.

Bring Spectators or Add Fliers to your Group

Help spread the word in advance of your upcoming flying date and entice your friends, family, and co-workers to phone with a credit card to be added to join the fun in your time slot.

Bring as many family & friends as you wish to witness your adventure. They can watch your flight from our picnic area, and then see the photos and videos of your flight afterwards!

Cancel a Reservation, Re-Scheduling

You can cancel by phone up to 24 hours in advance and we will remove your reservation from the schedule with no penalty so you can book again some other time with no expiry date. However if you don’t show up for your appointment and haven’t left a cancellation message 24 hrs in advance (so we can book someone else in your slot), then you have forfeited your flight.

We may have to cancel your reservation within 55 minutes of your scheduled time due to bad weather or equipment maintenance to make sure that you have a perfect day to enjoy your flight in safety and comfort. You may be rescheduled as often as is necessary, or even postponed to fly next season without any penalty or expiry of your credit.

Here are the 7 steps you must follow on the day of your flight:

(PRINT one copy of this section in Blue for each person in your group)

1. Don’t have anything else scheduled immediately after your time slot. It is common to push flights ahead an hour or more in case of weather delays, or if a previous group arrives late. So do not to book anything for at least 4 hours or longer after your start time. If you have an important commitment that you can’t miss or be late for, then it is best to make that your priority for the day and chose a more relaxed day to fly. You will be informed if your flight is on schedule or delayed when you call 55 minutes in advance for the weather check.

2. Print a Map for each driver: There is another airport near Beausejour, so DON’T go to the AV-Ranch Airpark that is located a few miles to the west of town. Adventure At Altitude is located behind the Airliner Drive-In which is right in the town of Beausejour. You have to find your own way since the pilot can’t answer the phone to give you directions when he is busy flying. Do not use GPS or Google – you must print or screen-shot OUR map by clicking “Directions” under the “Find Us” tab.

3. What to Bring: Dress to be comfortable for the temperature on the ground, but you must have all your extra clothing to change into quickly before flying. It could be more than 20 degrees Celcius colder up in the air PLUS a 60 kph wind chill to make it feel even colder (so it could be near 0 degrees at altitude with wind-chill even in July & August when the temperature is +20C on the ground)!

In the summer (May-Oct): You must bring your very warmest insulated Fall-season Jacket with a wind-breaking shell that’s warm enough for a very windy day below 0 degrees, a Fleece/Sweater to wear under the jacket, a pair of good wind-breaking fall/winter Ski Gloves, Runners or Sandals with a heel strap (NO FLIP FLOPS), and Sun Glasses.

During Fall, Winter or Spring (Nov-April): We fly on days that feel mild on the ground, but you must ALWAYS bring extra clothing as if it was a very cold -30 degree day due to Windchill! So, when the temperature on the ground drops near zero overnight, bring your warmest Winter Parka & Ski Pants (or a Snowmobile Suit), Ski Gloves, LongJohns to wear under, Warm winter Socks, Insulated Snow-Boots, and a thin Balaclava or Neck Tube to wear under the helmet. If there is any doubt, bring everything and we will tell you what you need to wear before your flight.

4. PRINT your Voucher, or Bring your Gift Certificate (or Proof of Purchase) & Pay the GST owing: Don’t rely on being able to access an online App to display your voucher, as there are often technical connection or battery issues that cause long delays at the airport trying to simply redeem your voucher. If you don’t have a paper printout, we can scan an online voucher code directly from a screen-shot on your cell phone so you don’t have to waste time to access an app and search for your voucher. So prepare in advance to make sure your screenshot is immediately available before you arrive to be able to quickly present to the pilot! All Flights and Gift Certificates purchased directly from us are fully pre-paid with Tax. But if you have a voucher purchased online you still owe us GST on the purchase price. So before your flight, you will be required to pay the GST by exact cash (preferably to save time) or credit card before flying to cover 5% of the amount you paid for the flight.

5. Phone for a Weather Check (please make just one phone call the day of your flight): It is necessary for everyone (SkyRiders, Students, & Club Pilots) to phone just once exactly 55 minutes before your scheduled time as you get ready to leave home to hear the latest updated message to ensure your flight isn’t cancelled or delayed. Since the automated weather stations update on the hour, we need another 5 minutes to record a message – that is why you are expected to call at 5 minutes after the hour and NO SOONER! We can’t have the phone ring early to interrupt while recording your message, and you will be listening to an older recording not intended for you.

If you live farther than Winnipeg (70 km or more from Beausejour), then you must tell us when making your reservation to arrange a special time for you to phone. Otherwise you will get the wrong message and you could arrive after we have already postponed your reservation or cancelled the rest of the day as wind increases and thunderstorms develop. So the only reason you should be calling sooner than 55 minutes before is if you need to cancel your reservation at the last minute.

Example: You live in Winnipeg, so you should only call once no sooner than 10:05 am for a 11:00am booking. It is ok if you arrive a few minutes late as our flying tends to run late throughout the day and so you will probably have to wait for the previous group to finish.

Even with a confirmed reservation, your booking will not be finalized until the pilot hears the phone ring and sees your name and number on the call display 55 minutes in advance. The pilot lives in Winnipeg and so he will not leave home to drive all the way out to Beausejour until the phone actually rings to confirm that you are also on your way out! Please don’t call en-route, because the pilot needs the full 55 minutes to get there as well. Sometimes the pilot may answer the phone if the message has not been set, but if you don’t phone then the pilot assumes that you have some medical problem or personal difficulty and so by assumption you have cancelled your reservation by not following these instructions, and so nobody will be there when you arrive without phoning first.

6. When you arrive: Turn into the parking lot of the Airliner Drive-In. Park on the left along the runway fence, as close as you can to the street (farthest away from the Drive-in building). Walk along the fence and past the tall scrolling illuminated sign.  At your scheduled time, be sure you are sitting at the last picnic table on the grass to enjoy the sun, or in the shade at the last picnic table on the deck (closest to the runway).  DO NOT GO PAST THE FENCE, IT IS AN ACTIVE RUNWAY!  If you are early, you can relax and watch the flying, or go inside to order delicious food, drinks, and icecream from the Airliner Drive-In, but make sure at your scheduled time to make your way to sit at one of those two picnic tables (the staff will deliver your food to the picnic table).

Please do not interrupt the pilot if he is busy with previous customers, he will come to you at the Picnic Tables when he is ready! If there is nobody around, then you probably arrived before the pilot that could be delayed in traffic driving from Winnipeg, or he is out purchasing fuel for your flight. Just like an Air Canada flight, in aviation there are often delays so there is never a punctual schedule due to un-foreseen weather holds, maintenance issues, or delays caused by the late arrival of previous guests. It is normal that your reservation may start 5-30 minutes later than expected, so you don’t have to rush to try to arrive early before your reserved time slot.

7. Please enjoy all aspects of this amazing facility!  The owners of the Airliner Drive-In have graciously allowed us to fly from their wonderful aviation-themed property for your comfort and convenience.  So we ask that you please support the Airliner Drive-In by not bringing any food, drinks, nor snacks to consume on their property (just as you wouldn’t bring your own food to any other restaurant).   They serve a wide variety of delicious Food with Vegetarian options (Burgers, Hot Dogs, Wraps, Chicken Fingers/Wings, Perogies, Ruben & BLT Sandwiches, and amazing Perogy or Pizza Soup) , plus a large selection of refreshing Drinks, and for desert they have yummy  Icecream treats for you to enjoy anytime (before, during or after your reservation).  You may bring your own Drinking Water, and Pets are welcome in the outdoor picnic area and you can order them food off the special Co-Pilot Pet Menu!

For your own safety and comfort, we are forced to cancel about 25% of our reservations due to bad weather, equipment malfunction, or if the pilot or his family is sick. So it may be necessary to make another reservation before having a suitable day to fly. We want to make sure that you have a perfect day to enjoy your flight, so you could be rescheduled as often as is necessary, or even postponed until next season without any penalty or expiry.