Motorized Hang Gliding Harness

Hang Gliding is a group participation sport where pilots drive to a Flying Site to launch from hills/mountains, or a Flight Park facility like Adventure At Altitude to be towed aloft. But if you crave the freedom to launch anywhere (even from your own backyard), plus have the convenience to fly alone based on your own personal schedule, and be able to fly in remote areas where it is not possible to launch a hang glider – then this Powered Harness is exactly what you need to gain full accessibility to cloudbase anytime, and anywhere!

The Powered Harness replaces your regular harness adding just 50lbs to your flying weight. So your current hang glider is suitable if you are near the bottom weight range, or you could purchase or trade in for a wing that is one size larger.

A Powered Harness allows you to foot launch from flat ground, climb under power at 400 fpm to your first thermal, shut down your engine to soar thermals all afternoon, and then after flying hundreds of miles cross country you can restart the engine while airborne to fly back home (and even drop down near a gas station to refuel and get a snack) eliminating the need for a retrieval driver!

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Flying a powered harness requires no additional training besides your regular flying skills. However Transport Canada regulations state that you must be a holder of an Ultralight or Private Pilot License. So call us to become one of the growing number of hang glider pilots who don’t need to drive for hours to a site, school or facility to fly.

  • Use your own hang glider wing.
  • Lower cost and better performance than a trike.
  • Fly alone without a launch, tow, or retrieval crew.
  • No training needed for experienced pilots with a License.
  • Also consider a single place trike (North Wing ATF).

New Motorized Hang Gliding Harness

We are the Canadian dealer for the following brands of Motorized Harness, and for parts support. Click on the links below to find out more specific information, and then call or email us for questions and Canadian/US pricing.

Wasp Systems:

Used Motorized Hang Gliding Harness

WASP Motor Harness, Radne Racket, Black, Low Airtime, $4,900