Affordable Soaring Wings

To describe the Hang Gliding experience is to imagine that you are able to turn yourself into a bird and can now soar the sky using your own set of wings.

Hang Gliding is not only the most natural flying experience, it is the most in-expensive and affordable of any other form of aviation considering the cost of training, equipment, maintenance, and flying. For less than $2000 used or $5000 new, you can purchase all the equipment required (wing, helmet, harness, parachute), and for just $25 per day you can be towed aloft and fly for hours at a time before landing with a huge grin :-)) Hang Gliders are very low maintenance so most pilots spend less than $100 per year on spare parts.

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It is a great idea to start considering your equipment purchase while still learning so you can transition to the new equipment before flying solo. Just decide on a budget, and we will help you choose the most suitable glider from our stock or from many other wings available in North America that will match your skill level, your weight, and the performance you want.

  • Most natural Bird-like way to fly!
  • Very affordable equipment!
  • In-expensive to fly and maintain!
  • Equipment listed below in stock to test fly!
  • More listings from all over North America!
  • Call us to help find your new or used Glider!

New Hang Gliders

We are the Canadian dealer for the following brands of Hang Gliders, and for parts support. Click on the links below to find out more specific information, and then call or email us for questions and Canadian/US pricing.

Wills Wing (USA) :
North Wing (USA):

Used Hang Glider Sales

AIRWAVE VISION PULSE 10m  –  Double surface, beginner/novice/intermediate wing, blue/yellow/white, $1900

AIRWAVE FORMULA 154 – Double Surface intermediate/advanced wing, blue/yellow/white, $1,900