Flying Sites

Manitoba hang glider pilots are fortunate to have their choice of several flying sites in the province. Any mile road or field can become a tow flying site, and any hill or valley can be used for ridge soaring. Local pilots have pioneered more than 50 hill launch and tow launch sites in Manitoba and Saskatchewan that are used on a regular basis.

Adventure At Altitude employs the only instructors in Central Canada who are specialists in ALL forms of tow launching including aero-towing, stationary towing, platform (truck) towing, boat towing, and scooter towing. So we can train pilots from anywhere in the world to fly a sites that are local to their own homes.

Manitoba ultralight pilots have flown all over the world where any airport or open field can be used for take off. Many rural pilots launch from their driveways or back yards making flying an ultralight as convenient as driving your car.

Flying Boats give pilots even more freedom to fly from the cabin or from any sandy beach!!

Cool Places We’ve Flown

Besides all the local flying available – here is a list of a few other exotic places we have flown:

  • Cache Creek, BC
  • Caines, Austrailia
  • Canmore, AB
  • Claremont, ON
  • Cochrane, AB
  • Craik, SK
  • Crestline, California
  • Creston, BC
  • Drumheller, AB
  • East End, SK
  • Elsenore, California
  • Florida Ridge Soaring Center, Florida
  • Greybird Airsports, Florida
  • Heliacala Volcano, Hawaii 10,000′ launch
  • Henson’s Gap, Tennesee
  • Invermere, BC
  • Kaslo, BC
  • King Mountain, Idaho
  • Lookout Mountain, Tenessee
  • Makapuu Point, Hawaii
  • MooseJaw, SK
  • Mt. Yamaska, Qc
  • Paradox, CO
  • Qu’Appelle Valley, SK
  • Quest Air, Florida
  • Raven Sky Sports, Wisconson
  • Savona, BC
  • Sun Peaks, BC
  • Telluride, Colorado – 18,000′ altitude
  • Victoria, BC
  • Wallaby Ranch, Florida
  • Wasa, BC
  • Whitwell, Tennesee