Accessories for Ultralights and Hang Gliders

High Energy Sports:
(Tracer Harnesses, Quantum Chutes)

Wills Wing:
(Charley Helmets, Rotor/Z5 Harnesses, Free Flight Chutes)

Flytec AG:
(Instruments, Wind Meters, Mounting Brackets)

Woody Valley:
(Harnesses, Paragliding Gear)

Comtronics :
(Ultralight Headsets, Intercoms, Helmets)

(Rocket-Deployed Emergency Parachutes)

We also stock a huge variety of other items from the most popular manufacturers:

  • Towing Supplies including Tow Rope & Releases
  • Hang Loops, Hook Knives, Carabiners & Wheels
  • Spare Tubing and Parts
  • Books, DVD’s, & Clothing

Used Accessories

CG 2000 HarnessCG 2000 Harness (2 in stock), large blue (shown fits to 5’11”, $595), medium black (fits to 5’9″ like new, $695). Both complete with top opening glider bag storage, foot operated pitch adjuster, glove pouch, side pouches, chute container, tow loops, camera attachment. Also used Charley Insider Aerodynamic Helmet, like new, Large Burgundy & XL Blue in stock. just $195 each.