Ultralight Lessons

Experience the thrill of powered flight and the excitement of owning your own portable aircraft.  After staying aloft up to 3 hours at speeds of 35 – 160 kph, an Ultralight Trike can easily be disassembled in just 20 minutes, transported in your car, and stored in the corner of a garage leaving enough room to park a vehicle.

Feeling the thrust of an engine rocketing you skywards at over 1000 feet per minute is breathtaking!  You can even shut the engine off to fly silently, staying aloft using thermals just like a bird (or hang glider).

For hang glider pilots, your wing can easily be adapted to fit any Single Place Lightweight Trike giving you the freedom to fly whenever or wherever you want.  Another option for hang gliders is to use a Powered Harness with a small 15 hp engine in the tail so you can still fly prone rather than seated.  You will never have to wait for a cross country chase crew again – because you can re-start when you get low, or re-launch anywhere to return back home.

Come out anytime or make a reservation to go up for an introductory Tandem Flight, or check out our Lesson Package Prices and take your summer to new HEIGHTS!