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2020 Season Opening Day on Monday, May 4

With “Phase One” of Re-opening of businesses in Manitoba being issued, Outdoor Recreation has been included!  In order to follow within the guidelines, groups who come to fly with us will not overlap.  All our SkyRides and Lessons are one-on-one, so the only people you will be in contact with is the other people you bring along in your party to fly or watch.  Personally, I have been keeping safe, there is nobody I know who has the virus, nor have I been told of anyone distant to any of my friends or family who have been affected.  So I am confident that you are safe to come out Flying, start enjoying Life again, and resume Living your Dreams of Flight!  Simply phone to make a reservation!

You can phone us to request any date to be added to this schedule as long as you reserve more than 1 week in advance.  We are available for weekday and weekend bookings. If you have a group of 4 or more, or a special event or family celebration, then you can request any date not listed here and we will be available to suit your plans.  As the schedule fills up the dates listed below may become unavailable.  The most accurate weekly schedule will be specified on the phone message when you call to book since it is updated almost daily.  Here’s our schedule for the next month

Updated April 29, 2020:

Note:  These links are not clickable, please phone (204)333-9464 to reserve!

Mon, May 4:  1pm – 6pm – Opening Day for 2020! 

Wed/Thr, May 6/7 : 8am – 6pm

Sat/Sun, May 9/10 : 8am – 6pm : HAPPY MOTHERS DAY: Bring mom out for a shared Mother-Daughter or Mother-Son Experience! 

 Thr/Fri, May 14/15 : 1pm – 6pm

Sat/Sun, May 16/17 : 8am – 6pm

Mon, May 18 : Closed – HAPPY VICTORIA DAY!

Wed/Thr, May 20/21 : 8am – 6pm

Sat/Sun, May 23/24 : 8am – 6pm

Mon, May 25 : 1pm – 7pm

Thr/Fri, May 28/29 : 1pm – 7pm

Sat, May 30 : 8am – 7pm

You can also phone to request any date after the end of this schedule!

Phone to Reserve: (204)-333-WING  -   (204)333-9464