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Please read the RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS page before choosing a date below.

Choose a weekend date from the list below, or call us at least 1 week or more in advance to add any weekday to our schedule for Winter flying.

Winter is the best time to take lessons with smoother air allowing flying all day rather than just morning and evening.  Plus the air is clearer in the winter for the best visibility and a spectacular view for SkyRides!  We fly on mild days -10C or warmer.  By dressing properly and preparing in our heated hanger,  you will not feel cold and will have a lot of fun learning to fly this Winter!

If you have a group of 4 or more, or a special event or family celebration, then you can request any date not listed here and we will make that day available to suit your plans.  We try to fill up the days below first and will add more flying dates to the schedule as necessary.

As the schedule fills up the dates listed below may become unavailable.  The most accurate weekly schedule will be specified on the phone message when you call to book since it is updated almost daily.  Here is our availability during the next month – updated Oct 23, 2018:

Note:  These links are not clickable, please phone (204)333-9464 to reserve!

Sun, Oct 28 : 8am – 3pm

Fri-Sun, Nov 2-4 : CLOSED – Ask for FREE Tickets to see us at the Lifestyles Show in Niverville

Sun/Mon, Nov 11/12 : 9am – 2pm – Rememberance Day Weekend

Sat, Nov 17 : 9am – 2pm

Sun, Nov 25 : 9am – 2pm

Sat, Dec 1 : 9am – 2pm

 ——– or request a new date to be added at least 1 week or more in advance during Winter ——–

Phone to Reserve: (204)-333-WING  -   (204)333-9464