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Please read the RESERVATION INSTRUCTIONS page before choosing a date below.

Choose a date from the list below, or select any day beyond this list to be added to our schedule.  If you have a group of 4 or more, or a special event or family celebration, then you can request any date not listed here and we will make that day available to suit your plans and schedule.  We try to fill up the days below first and will add more flying dates to the schedule as necessary.

During Winter, the latest booking start time is now 4pm to fly before dusk.  Since we are busier on weekends, it is to your advantage to book a weekday after work or during your day off. Steinbach is only a 25-50 min drive from anywhere in Winnipeg so you can arrive quickly after work to arrive before our last start time of the day.

As the schedule fills up the dates listed below may become unavailable.  The most accurate weekly schedule will be specified on the phone message when you call to book since it is updated almost daily.  Here is our availability during the next month – updated Feb 2, 2018:

Mon Oct 31, 2017  – Fri March 30, 2018 : Open by Advance Reservation

Sat March 31 : 9am – 3pm (First Day of Spring 2018 Schedule Easter Weekend)

Sun April 1 : 1pm – 3pm (Happy Easter)

Mon April 2 – Tue May 10 : 9am – 5pm

Wed April 11 – Tue May 2 : CLOSED

Thur May 3 – Sat May 5 : 9am – 5pm

Phone to Reserve: (204)-333-WING  -   (204)333-9464