Tandem Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide

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A SkyRide is the best way to experience your 1st Flight!  After a ground training lesson, you lift-off powered by a motorized Ultralight fitted with a Hang Glider wing to the altitude of your choice!  Your Instructor will tailor the flight to suit the experience of your Dreams: Mild, Wild, or Extreme High Altitude!  We can even shut off the engine to soar thermals climbing with Hawks and Eagles right beside our wingtip, then glide down silently just like a hang glider!

Our SkyRides have a 98% Approval rating!  Here is what previous Fliers wrote about their Adventure At Altitude:

Well worth the money… whether you take the upgrade or not… (I did, my husband did not), you will have the MOST amazing time!  We’re hooked and we’ll most definitely be back… with friends!  What’s life without a little adventure? :)  – Sept 2018

Totally loved this!! Word of advice… spend the money for the Extreme flight! Worth every penny! July, 2018

This was an awesome experience, and Barry’s got a great sense of humor! – Sept, 2017

This was an amazing experience! I traded up for the longer flight with more stunts and it was well worth it! Barry is a great pilot and made the flight a lot of fun! Definitely recommend this to all :) Thanks so much for an amazing flight :) – Nov 8, 2016

This is an amazing experience. Barry is an amazing pilot, very funny, and makes you feel safe. I will be going back for sure!! – Aug 8, 2016

Awesome experience. I would recommend this for everyone!! – July 28, 2016

We had a good Family time! – July 27, 2014


My husband has a wonderful time. He is now enjoying his lessons. – Aug 2, 2013

This was a gift for my husband, and by chance our daughter had bought a voucher for herself. They went together and had a terrific time! They bought the video afterwards and it was wonderful for me to see. They both had so much fun! The constant grin on my daughter’s face was priceless. My husband had a chance to “steer” and was in his element. The Pilot was quite the character – very personable and upbeat, and certainly added to it all. Thanks for making it such a great day for my family. – July 17, 2013

My buddy and I had an awesome time. Barry, the owner pilot, is very personable, gives clear instructions, and lots of fun – quite the incredible experience. – Sept 23, 2012

That was absolutely great!! Everyone should do this! I would also recommend upgrading to the “Mile High” Adventure for the extra $80. – Aug 21, 2012

FUN AND NICE CREW. – Aug 1, 2012

Flight Options

Your instructor can tailor your flight to fulfill the experience that you dream about!

  • Gentle & Scenic flight over the countryside at 1000 feet on a “Co-Pilot SkyRide”
  • A Thrilling Aerobatic Roller-Coaster at 2300 feet on a “Fear-Factor SkyRide”
  • Fly above the clouds on our highest and longest Extreme Altitude 5300 foot “Mile-High SkyRide”
  • Cross Country flights anywhere in Southern Manitoba (priced by the hour)

After ground training, you can choose to take over hands-on control to feel how easy it really is to fly yourself!  Anyone who rides a bicycle already has the basic skills necessary to fly a weight shift Ultralight or Hang Glider!  Pulling on the right “handlebar” makes the wing turn right, and leaning forward makes the wing fly faster.  If you enjoy flying, then sign up for lessons and become a Licensed Pilot!

Just select your SkyRide option, then click the “Reservations Tab” to choose an available date and time.  Then phone (204)333-9464 to make your booking  with a minimum 48 hrs  advance reservation.  Gift Certificates are available so you can treat a friend or relative to share in all the fun you are going to have!

You will get both Powered & Unpowered flying , 2 totally different flying experiences for the price of 1 with all these great features:

1) Fly anytime! Available all seasons Summer and Winter!

2) Smooth gentle flights!  Early Morning, late Evening, & Winter flights for the timid.

3) Aerobatic Flights! Thrill seekers challenge a Fear Factor or Mile-High SkyRide!

4) Longer Flight Time!  Choose from our longer/higher options!

5) The most comfortable body position!  Seated rather than laying down prone!