Tandem Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide

This is our most popular SkyRide that is available all year around for everyone who wants to experience both powered Ultralight flying, as well as unpowered Hang Glider soaring during one single flight! It’s 2 experiences for the price of 1!

We recommend this Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide to all our first time fliers who are deciding if they prefer motorized cruising or silent gliding & soaring before taking lessons.

Not only is this our most in-expensive Introductory Flight – it is in fact our best and most fulfilling flight experience and so it is the favorite SkyRide of 90% of our customers, groups, and students beginning lessons in Hang Gliders, Ultralights, or Flying Boats.

Here are the many advantages that will truly enhance your first flight experience on the ULTRALIGHT HANG GLIDER SKYRIDE!

1) This SkyRide is available 365 days, both in summer and winter! With our heated facility, you will experience a winter wonderland flight with smoother air currents, you will feel more comfortable and warm with minimal temperature change from ground to air, and you will see clearer views to the horizon than summertime air that is often humid, dusty, or smokey! We fly on days when the temperature will be -10C and above.

2) If there is no thermal lift to stay up soaring on an unpowered hang glider, rather than landing after a very short flight we can re-start the motor and continue to stay airborne so everyone will have the same flight experience.

3) You will be seated (which is a more comfortable position for your first flight) rather than in a laying down position. Note that you will be flying upright during your initial Hang Gliding Lessons, so this flight truly prepares you to continue learning to fly an unpowered towed hang glider.

4) With the Ultralight Hang Glider we can cruise anywhere (even traveling cross country up to 100 miles away). Compared to Hang Glider SkyRides that are only flown directly over the airport with limited flight times, the Ultralight Hang Glider gives the longest distance and duration flights.

Be assured that you will get the same wonderful silent soaring experience on our Ultralight Hang Glider because after we climb to altitude and turn the motor off, your flight experience will be exactly the same as the un-powered Hang Glider

Flight Options

The Ultralight Hang Glider has it all for your best first flight experience, featuring;

  • Longer flight time
  • Fantastic aerobatics or the smoothest gentlest flight possible
  • The most comfortable body position
  • The most freedom to stay up as long as you want and to fly as far as you want!
  • The best value for your dollar.

Tandem Introductory Flights on our Ultralight Hang Glider are available anytime, 7 days a week all year around, with a minimum 48 hour or more advance reservation.

Your experience will begin with a lesson on the ground to prepare you to fly, so that once airborne you can actually have hands-on control and experience how easy it really is to learn to fly yourself.  Anyone who rides a bicycle already has the basic skills necessary to fly a weight shift Ultralight Hang Glider!  Pulling on the right “handlebar” makes the wing turn right, and leaning forward makes the wing fly faster just as if you were leaning forward to pedal faster on a bicycle.

Your instructor can tailor your flight to fulfill the experience that you dream about!

  • Gentle & Scenic flight over the countryside at 1000 feet on a ”Co-Pilot SkyRide”
  • A Thrilling Aerobatic Roller-Coaster at 2000 feet on a “Fear-Factor SkyRide”
  • Fly above the clouds on our highest and longest Extreme Altitude “Mile-High SkyRide”
  • Cross Country flights up to 300 kms round trip (priced by the hour).
  • Silent Un-powered Gliding and Thermal Soaring with birds on our “Mile-High SkyRide”
  • Or you can request a bit of everything for a “Once-in-a-Lifetime” Sky-High Experience!

Just select your flight by clicking on the “Prices” tab, and then the “Reservations Tab” to choose your date and time.  After your flight, you will have the opportunity to sign up for lessons and get a package discount based on the price you already paid for your first flight.

Gift Certificates are available so you can treat a friend or relative to be able to live the experience of their dreams!