Tandem Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide

A SkyRide is the best way to experience your 1st Flight!  After a ground training lesson, you lift-off powered by a motorized Ultralight fitted with a Hang Glider wing!  At the altitude of your choice, we can even shut off the engine to soar thermals and glide down un-powered, just like a hang glider!  So you get 2 totally different flying experiences for the price of 1 with all these great features:

1) Fly anytime! Available all seasons for a colorful summer-scape, or winter wonderland below!  Relax in our heated/air-conditioned facility and fly in mild temps -10C or warmer.

2) Smooth gentle flights!  Our early morning, late evening, or winter flights feature glass smooth air for the timid.

3) Wilder Aerobatic Flights! Thrill seekers can challenge a Fear Factor SkyRide, or go a Mile High for the Ultimate aerobatic maneuvers!

4) Longer Flight Time!  Choose from our longer/higher options.  If there isn’t thermal lift to stay up unpowered, we can re-start the motor!

5) The most comfortable body position!  You will be seated rather than laying down prone which is the same position you will use during further Hang Glider training.


Flight Options

Your instructor can tailor your flight to fulfill the experience that you dream about!

  • Gentle & Scenic flight over the countryside at 1000 feet on a ”Co-Pilot SkyRide”
  • A Thrilling Aerobatic Roller-Coaster at 2000 feet on a “Fear-Factor SkyRide”
  • Fly above the clouds on our highest and longest Extreme Altitude “Mile-High SkyRide”
  • Cross Country flights up to 300 kms round trip (priced by the hour)

After ground training, you can choose to take over hands-on control to feel how easy it really is to fly yourself!  Anyone who rides a bicycle already has the basic skills necessary to fly a weight shift Ultralight or Hang Glider!  Pulling on the right “handlebar” makes the wing turn right, and leaning forward makes the wing fly faster.  If you enjoy flying, then sign up for lessons with a huge package discount incentive offered that day only!

Just select your SkyRide option, then click the “Reservations Tab” to book your date and time with a min 48 hr advance reservation.  Gift Certificates are available so you can treat a friend or relative to share in all the fun you are going to have!