SkyRides & Lessons

Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRides:

Choose the Intensity to suit your comfort level – from Mild to Wild!!  Feel the powerful engine thrusting you into the sky, then enjoy silent thermal soaring and gliding after the engine is shut off (available on flights 2300+ feet)!  All SkyRides include certified ground training, so your flying can be logged towards any Instructional Package!  Once you’re hooked, sign up for lessons on the same day after your SkyRide to receive a flight credit of $295 to $395 off these package prices!
“Co-Pilot” Instructional Flight
(1000′, scenic local flight over airport with hands on control, 10-15 min)
“Fear Factor” Aerobatic Experience
(2300′, fly over Beausejour, followed by Dives, Spins, Wingovers, Stalls, 20 min)
“Extreme Altitude” Mile-High Adventure
(5300′, fly above clouds, silent unpowered soaring, optional aerobatics, 30 min)
“Inspiration” Group Picnic – Birthday, Bachelor(ette), Graduation, & Mother/Father’s Day Parties
(2300 feet, choose a gentle or aerobatic flight, FREE BBQ Food & Drinks, $100 discount plus 1/2 price photos & videos)
$245 per person

Gift Certificates are available for any flight or lesson package, for any dollar amount.

Hang Gliding Instructional Packages:

We provide everything you need while learning to become a Pilot.  Each 2 hour lesson includes a combination of Ground Training, Classroom Lectures, and Flight Training to learn the knowledge to fly safely, and to progress to higher altitudes. The “Pay-as-you-Fly” option makes lessons affordable to take one at a time at your own pace!  Or take the 5 lesson “Beginner Package” first to master gliding low and slow and qualify for your Hang 1 Rating to fly under instructor supervision!  Then continue with the 10 lesson “Eagle Package” to attain higher solo flights, learn advanced cross country flying skills, and write the exam to get your Hang 2 Rating so you can fly Solo anywhere in the world!
Individual Hang Gliding Lesson (single 2 hour lesson, student guide)
Pay-as-you-Fly, one lesson at a time.  Towing, Hill Launching, or Ground School, training manuals at extra cost.
Beginner Hang Gliding Package (5 lessons flight/ground training during 2-5 days, logbook & manual, Hang 1 Exam)
Ground School and at least 20 flights at increasing altitude under instructor supervision!
Eagle Hang Gliding Package (10 lessons Advanced flight/ground training during 5-10 days, all books, Hang 2 Exam)
Lift your life off the ground, you will become a Solo Pilot ready to Fly where the Eagles soar!


Ultralight, Flying Boat, & Flying Snowmobile Instructional Packages:

Each 2 hour session includes a combination of Ground Training, Classroom Lectures, and Dual Flight Training to learn the knowledge to fly safely in class, then practice what you learned in the air. The “Pay-as-you-Fly” option has the smallest payments to book lessons at your own pace (even spread out over several years)!  Or split the 25 hour “Eagle Package” into smaller “Breeze” or “Weekender” Packages with affordable payments to fit your budget and the amount of free time you have.
Individual Ultralight Trike Instruction
Pay-as-you-Fly, so you can learn one lesson at a time with minimum hourly rates for ground and flight training. Training manuals at extra cost.
Breeze Ultralight Package (3 hrs ground/flight training in 1-2 days, student guide or flying manual)
You will have hands-on control from the rear seat to watch the instructor’s technique!
Powered Weekender Package (5 hrs ground/flight training during 2-3 days, 1 manual per package)        
Transition to the front seat, learn to launch with instructor supervising in back!
Powered Eagle Package (25 hr full course ground/flight training during 5-10 days, all books)
You will fly Solo with the Eagles while your instructor supervises from the ground!


Licensed Pilot Programs:

Once you have finished lessons, piloting a hang glider or ultralight is the most inexpensive way to enjoy flying.  It is 10 times the fun at 1/10th the cost of any other from of aviation!
All-inclusive Flying Resort: Vacationing Pilots can enjoy our services at a low daily price that includes cabin accomodations, refresher training, & unlimited flying on your own gear (rental extra).  $250/day
Hang Gliding Season Pass: Hang Glider Pilots get all-inclusive services for the entire year with unlimited flying, rentals, refresher training, equipment storage, cross country pickup, and use of our airport facilities!  $1995/annually
Ultralight Rentals:  Includes a full tank of fuel, plus a refresher lesson with instructor supervision who will accompany you in the back seat (for insurance reasons).  $279/hr
Hang Glider Rentals:  We can supply licensed pilots with a  complete glider, harness, parachute, instrument, radio, and helmet package for just $150/day, or choose individual items you need at $40 each

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