Pilot Services

Adventure At Altitude is the BEST place to get your Adrenaline Fix!

  • The HIGHEST flights available in Canada!
  • Longer flight times – Gliders are towed and released into a thermal.
  • The only Hang Gliding flight park in Central Canada.
  • A great place to spend your flying vacation.
  • On-Site Food available from Airliner Drive-In.
  • Summer and Winter year-round flying.
  • Shopping, Hotels, Camping, Restaurants all within 1 mile.
  • Spectator & Picnic area for Family and Friends!
  • Fully stocked Pro-Shop with all the Flying Equipment and Parts you need in stock.
  • Specialists in ALL forms of Hang Glider towing and training (Aero, Stationary, & Platform Tow)!
  • Specialists in ALL forms of Ultralight flying (off Land, Water, & Snow)!

Pilot Fees

Most local pilots purchase an annual Seasons Pass that includes unlimited flying plus all of our services with no extra costs. Visiting Pilots can choose our all-inclusive Daily Pass rates.
Season Pass: For local pilots $995/year (Unlimited flying, towing, training, transportation, and facility use)
Daily Pass: All-Inclusive for visiting pilots. $95 per day includes facility use, training, and flying.
Tow Fees: For non-pass pilots – $30 for a 3000 foot aerotow to the cloud of your choice – we leave you in a thermal!
X-treme Altitude: $10 per 1000 up to an X-treme Altitude 7000 feet available in Class E airspace for just $70
Glider Rental: $95/day incl harness, helmet, chute, wheels, tow bridle (Radio, instruments additional $20 each)
Ultralight Rental: $199 per hour including fuel and oil – Must have instructor in back seat
Glider Setup: We set up your equipment for just $20 or $30 with breakdown – Just show up and fly (Included with season pass)
Equipment Storage: $20/month, or $195/year (Included with Season Pass)
Shop Rate: $90/hr (2 hr min) for inspections & repairs plus $50/hr travel outside Winnipeg or Beausejour.  Parts cost extra.

“Flying is ‘el cheapola once you learn!”