Pilot Services

Adventure At Altitude’s One-of-a-kind X-treme Adventure Park is the BEST place in North America to get your Adrenaline Fix! We are pleased to offer many different sports that will get you HIGH!


  • Hang Glide, Ultralight, Hot Air Balloon, Golf, and R/C Model Aircraft too!
  • The HIGHEST flights available in Canada – Guaranteed.
  • Longer flight times – Gliders are towed and released into a thermal.
  • The only aero-towing flight park in Central and Western Canada.
  • A great place to spend your flying vacation with all the comforts of home.
  • On site Camping, Bunkhouse, Shower, Kitchen, Internet Access, and Food Services.
  • Heat and Air Conditioned areas for comfortable year-round flying.
  • Shopping Malls, Hotels, RV Parks & Restaurants all within walking distance.
  • Family picnic area, bbq, toys, games, swings, & internet access for the kids!
  • Fully stocked Pro-Shop with all the Flying Equipment and Parts you need in stock.
  • Specialists in ALL forms of towing and training (aero, stationary, platform)!

Pilot Fees

Most local pilots purchase an annual Seasons Pass that includes unlimited flying plus all of our services with no extra costs. Visiting Pilots can choose our all-inclusive Daily Pass rates.
Season Pass: For local pilots $995/year (Unlimited equipment, flying, towing, training, accommodation, and facility use)
Daily Pass: All-Inclusive for visiting pilots. $99 per day includes accommodation, facility use, training, equipment use, and flying.
Tow Fees: For non-pass pilots – $30 for a 3000 foot aerotow to the cloud of your choice – we leave you in a thermal!
X-treme Altitude: $10 per 1000 up to an X-treme Altitude 7000 feet available in Class E airspace for just $70
Glider Rental: $95/day incl harness, helmet, chute, tow bridle (Radio, instruments additional $10 each)
Ultralight Rental: $199 per hour including fuel and oil – Must have instructor in back seat
Glider Setup: We set up your equipment for just $20 or $30 with breakdown – Just show up and fly (Included with season pass)
Equipment Storage: $20/month, or $195/year (Included with Season Pass)
Shop Rate: $90/hr (2 hr min) for inspections and repairs plus $50/hr travel cost outside Winnipeg or Steinbach.  Parts cost extra.

“Flying is ‘el cheapola once you learn!”