From Winnipeg, take the Perimeter Highway to Hwy 59 North.
Past Birds Hill Park, take the exit to Highway 44 East

At the Beausejour exit, turn right onto 1st Street (Road 41 E)

Turn right into the parking lot of the Airliner Drive-in.
Park on the left along the runway fence, as close as you can to the street (farthest away from the Drive-in building).
Walk along the fence and past the big illuminated sign towards the row of picnic tables on the grass.
Sit in the sun at the last picnic table on the grass, or enjoy the shade of the deck at the last picnic table closest to the runway.

Feel free to order food and drinks from the Airliner Drive-in to relax as you wait, they will deliver the food to your table.

Barry the pilot will meet you after he is finished flying with previous customers, so relax and enjoy your food and the flying!

Airliner Drive-In