Deals for Mother/Father’s Day

Treat Mom or Dad (and yourself too) with something truly special when you avoid the shopping malls and present them with a truly unique “Gift of Flight” SkyRide Gift Certificate on sale this week only and save $100 per flight, or save even more for two!  So get one for yourself too at the same deal price to share a very exciting Father/Son, Mother/Daughter, or Husband/Wife experience in the Sky!  The experience will create memories, photos, and videos that will last a lifetime enjoying the excitement of flying like a Bird with your parents!

You will soar as Co-Pilot aboard our motorized Ultralight Hang Glider to 1000 feet altitude to sight-see the countryside and feel the wind in your face while gliding right next to Eagles and Hawks! With your ground training, you can even take over control to fly the craft yourself.  You can choose a gentle smooth flight, or upgrade to double your altitude to 2000 feet with aerobatics included for just $40 more!  The rush of adrenaline exceeds the thrill factor of any Roller-Coaster with sky-high stalls, dives, wingovers, and spirals!

We still have flight slots available for Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day is the same weekend as Steinbach’s Summer in the City Street Festival, so you and Dad can take in the mid-way rides, food, and entertainment before or after your flight!  Or book your own date from our schedule year-around (summer & winter) because your gift certificate never expires!

Get one ticket to fly for just $155, or a ticket for two to share for just $295  (or with aerobatics $195 for one and $375 for two) only until June 16/2016.  Order by phone with last-minute same day in-person pickup or delivery (in Winnipeg or Steinbach) just in time for your special Celebration!  So phone Barry at 204-333-WING (204-333-9464) Today!

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