Terms and Conditions

We follow the same non-refundable policy used by all the other seasonal sports like ours including Skydiving and Hot Air Ballooning for our SkyRides and Lesson packages.  We all have separate regular 9 to 5 jobs during the week and through the winter to earn a personal living.  But as aviation enthusiasts, we give up most of our own personal and family time in order to be able to offer you introductory flights and lessons with hopes to break-even on our annual budget of expenses.  So all the money goes towards paying for very expensive equipment, maintenance, fuel, insurance, electricity, water, and hanger rent that must be paid before your reserved flying date even occurs.  So the only re-numeration and reward we get personally is the pleasure to be able to share this incredible experience with you, and to help our local flying club grow with new pilots.

You can be assured that if we can’t fly due to weather cancellations made for your own personal safety, or if you just can’t make it out this year for any reason at all, that you still have many options available to redeem your credit.

Please understand that even though you could not fly on the day you booked, that we still have the exact same expenses that have to be paid whether we fly or not that day.  Not only do we have to keep and maintain all the expensive equipment needed to offer dual flights and lessons (beyond our own personal flying equipment), we also have monthly hanger expenses year around (even when we are shut down for the winter) to pay rent, power, water, heat, air conditioning, and everything else we need to spend in order to offer you a comfortable family-friendly facility that you will enjoy when you finally do come out to fly.

So as volunteers and ambassadors to the sport and our local club, we try very hard to break even by the end of the year (although often we really do lose money most seasons due to bad weather).  But at least we can continue to enjoy offering these flights to you and everyone else who bought a gift certificate or lesson package in the many years past.  Because unlike the gift certificates you purchase from any other company that do expire after just 1 year with NO CREDIT, your credit with us NEVER EXPIRES and maintains its full value for all our services!  So you can redeem your credit anytime you wish year around – even when we are closed for the season if you have a special Christmas gift to purchase!  For those who can never fly with us themselves for any reason, there are still a lot of options to give you excellent value for the credit you have with us.  Here are all your options:

  1. Phone or email us to request a printed “Gift of Flight” Certificate that will be mailed to you as a credit note to keep and use whenever you are ready to fly again.  Your credit NEVER EXPIRES, and so we are still redeeming credits today from more than 2 decades ago since we started flying in 1989!  But as our prices and the cost to provide your flight increases in the future, to be fair you will only get full credit for what you originally paid (or your remaining balance for a lesson package).  So when you return to fly you can either choose to use up your full credit at it’s original value for a lower cost flight or fewer lessons, or you can choose to pay the difference between the value of your credit and the new current prices to maintain the same SkyRide flight or Lesson package the year you return.
  2. If you have a “Discounted Deal Voucher” purchased online that is about to expire and we have recorded that you already made a reservation before the expiry date but have not flown due to cancelations, we will make sure you fly during next month or early next season.
  3. If you have a “Discounted Deal Voucher” purchased online that has expired by more than one month (we give one month grace period), then your voucher is still worth the full value of what you paid to be used towards any of our services of a lower value, or you can pay the difference between what you originally paid and our current prices listed on our “Prices” page to maintain the same SkyRide flight or Lesson package.  So expired vouchers do retain their full “paid for” price, and so you only lose the promotional deal value.
  4. Transfer your “Gift of Flight” Certificate or Lesson credit to someone else (who can then pay you some cash value for the flight or lessons).
  5. If your “Gift of Flight” Certificate is already filled out with your name or damaged, then mail it back to us in exchange for a new unused certificate that anyone can use.
  6. If you have an extra unused certificate, voucher, or credit – then you can use it towards a photo or video package for yourself or the other fliers in your group.
  7. You can redeem the “Gift of Flight” certificate or credit to purchase any merchandise we have in stock including books, videos, shirts, hats, calendars, toys, or flying equipment & parts.
  8. You can exchange your specific “Gift of Flight” certificate towards any of our other programs. Redeem it towards a lesson package, or even change the type of flight to hang gliders, ultralights, or flying boats.  If whoever uses the gift certificate doesn’t want to fly, then use it towards any of the other sports we are qualified to teach – We are also certified instructors for wind surfing and downhill skiing, so you don’t have to fly to use one of our Vouchers or Gift Certificates.
  9. Sell your “Gift of Flight” through printed classified ads or any online selling vehicle such as www.eBay.ca or www.Kijiji.ca if none of the above options appeal to you, and you want to receive money for your credit.  We will be happy to honor your entire remaining credit for anyone who purchases it for any dollar value.
  10. The “Spirit of Giving” is alive in all of us, and it feels so good to surprise or help others with a very special and unique gift from yourself.  There are those you know who can not afford to fly, who have always dreamed of flying, or someone who can use a Gift for a Charity or Special event.  So if you have a Voucher, Gift Certificate, or even a larger Lesson credit, you can redeem your balance remaining towards any of our services by requesting one or several “Gift of Flight” Certificates of any value you choose that you can use in many satisfying ways listed below……

a) You can split your single credit to purchase several “Gift of Flight” experiences, so you can keep on giving, or choose a specific dollar value for the gift you choose to give.  You can redeem a lesson package credit for any number or value of “Gift of Flight” certificates that you can give as Charity Donations, or Prizes for an event you are planning in lower values of $25,  $50, $100 or $200 where the winner must still pay a balance to receive a flight or we can provide “Gift of Flight” certificates towards any of our SkyRide Flights or smaller lesson packages that the recipient can redeem for a fully paid experience.

b) Give a “Gift of Flight” Certificate to a friend, family member, or co-worker you want to do something special for.  You do have several occasions through-out the year when you need to purchase gifts for special people in your life of any age that are hard to buy for.  Now you can give a very special, unique, perfect gift for Birthdays, Fathers/Mothers Day, Valentines, Graduation, Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas, or any other celebration!

c) Let us plan a special family event with our ultimate “Inspiration Gourmet Picnic” so that all your friends, family, or business/work associates can enjoy an introductory flight and picnic celebration of a special event courtesy of you!  So if you have a larger credit from a  lesson package, you can be the “Star of the Party” by providing special people in your life with a great experience that they will never forget courtesy of yourself!

d) If you own a business, then you have this amazing and unique opportunity to reward your employees or special customers by letting us do all the planning to host your next corporate event such as an “Employee Picnic”, “Corporate Meeting”, or “Customer Appreciation Day” with an “Inspiration Gourmet Picnic” of fun and amazing home-cooked gourmet food.

e) Donate your “Gift of Flight” to support a wedding social for a special friend or family member.  I get requests weekly for social auction prizes, and so I know you will have some great opportunities in the future to help raise money for such a special time that the happy couple will be sure to remember!

f) If you have more than one flight credit, give a pair of flights to the couple as a wedding gift, or let us plan a bachelor/bachelorette party to celebrate the wedding in a memorable way with our “Inspiration Gourmet Picnic” everyone will enjoy more than the usual run-of-the-mill party everyone else has.

I look forward to making sure you, your friends, family, co-workers, or anyone using the “Gift of Flight” Certificates and Vouchers will have the best time of their life, and you will get the credit for the memorable experience that you provided – because the memories, photos, and videos will really last a lifetime and be talked about and re-lived with joy and laughter for years to come!