Scheduling Flights

To purchase a SkyRide/Lesson, or if you have a Gift Certificate, or if you purchased an Online Voucher, BE SURE TO READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE containing all the instructions you need to book your Adventure! 

To Purchase a Gift of Flight, SkyRide, or Lesson

Gift of Flight Certificates: A Flying Experience is a perfect gift for almost everyone on your shopping list!  So avoid the mall and give them a Unique Gift that is perfect for any Holiday, Family Celebration (Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, & Weddings), or Corporate Event (Retirement, Employee Award & Customer Appreciation).

All our flights must be prepaid in advance to confirm your reservation.  We don’t have time to accept money or give receipts at the airport when we could be flying instead.  So if you don’t already have pre-paid a Voucher or Certificate, then here are several options to purchase and/or reserve your flight at least 48 hours in advance:

1.) By Phone, with your credit card (7am-11pm).  You can book a date/time, or reserve/reschedule later.
2.) Online, Use PayPal to, Interac Transfer to – send the total for your flight(s) plus GST.  You can also email your credit card info to
3.) By Post, mail a check or money order payable to “Adventure At Altitude”.  Use the mailing address: 42 Francois Muller Place, Winnipeg, MB.  R2J 4K1.
4.) In-person, for cash payments, or if you need a quick gift for a special event we can meet you in Beausejour or Winnipeg for last-minute orders.

Upgrade your Adventure!

If you have purchased our basic entry-level Co-Pilot SkyRide to 1000 feet altitude, then you have a few options to customize your flight for the level of excitement you wish to experience!

During our sight-seeing Co-Pilot SkyRide you will cruise around the countryside peacefully at 1000 feet enjoying the Scenic view and gentle turns for approximately 10-15 minutes (that’s plenty of flying time and more than enough adventure for some), but for others.… not so much!

The Aerobatics Option of the “Fear Factor SkyRide” will give you the Spine-Tingling Chills and Thrills you desire!   We double your altitude to 2300 feet, then defy the force of Gravity when we Stall, then Dive at 2000 feet per minute picking up speed to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds (faster than most drag race cars), then pull some G’s with Sideways Wingovers, and Spiral Spins!  It’s better, higher, and faster than any ground-bound Roller Coaster you have ever experienced for just $50 more.  Please upgrade in advance by phone when you book your reservation so we can spend more time actually flying that day.  Last-minute upgrades will be offered, or you may decide to upgrade during the flight once you gain some courage up in the air.

The Highest and Longest Option is our “Extreme Altitude Mile High SkyRide”!  If you’re the type to want the Ultimate Experience, we will take you 5x higher, 3x longer, with 10x the view, and 100x the Excitement with 30 minutes airtime at 5,300 feet of Altitude!  WOW!  It’s so high that you will see the most incredible 360-degree view of the countryside and Lake Winnipeg as you climb over the clouds feeling the smoothest air with the easiest hands-on control.  Then try the optional Aerobatics with the wildest maneuvers and longest duration!  So up-size your Co-Pilot SkyRide to EXTREME for just $100 (that’s just $25 per thousand feet of extra altitude).  Please upgrade at the time of your reservation because we have to schedule more time.  Occasionally we may be able to accept this upgrade immediately before the flight only if we aren’t fully booked in your time slot.

Bring your Friends, CoWorkers, Family, Kids, & Pets!

Help spread the word in advance of your reservation date so we can offer everyone a lower group rate or upgrade your flight for FREE (for 4 or more participants)!  Tell them your flight date and time so they can just phone with a credit card to be added to your time slot.

Spectators:  Bring your family & friends to witness your adventure while enjoying a Picnic from the Airliner Drive-In, then to see your photos/videos!  Pet and Children’s Menu is available!

Flying Schedule

Flying Season: We are available most days between Easter through Halloween, and often fly during the Winter months during milder days near 0 degrees.  In fact, Winter is the best season for Students training for their Pilot License when there is snow on the ground and calmer air conditions.  So don’t wait for Spring to sign up since Spring has the most turbulent conditions of all 4 seasons!

Time Slots:  Start times vary with seasonal changes in Sunset.  The first and last slots of the day are tentatively reserved for Students taking lesson programs at dawn (7 & 9am), and 2 hrs before dusk (8 pm in the summer).  SkyRides are booked between 11am – 6pm.  Plan to be at the site for at least 2 hours.  Each 2 hour slot can be booked by up to 4 participants so convince your friends to join you, otherwise you may be booked with up to 3 other strangers.

Last-minute Bookings: It may be possible to be added to the schedule on the same day.  But if the pilot is busy he can’t answer the phone.  So please leave a message with how many people wish to fly, and what time(s) you are available that day.  You will get a return phone call only if we have a time slot to fit you in.  If you don’t get a return phone call, simply choose another day from our flying schedule.

Group Bookings: For groups of 4 or more, please phone to make a custom reservation of a longer time slot so you can also receive a FREE picnic & our higher 2300 foot flight with optional aerobatics!  Groups of 4-7 will get a 3 hour slot and 8-10 will get a 4 hour slot.  If you organize a group of 10-20 fliers for a special family or corporate event, then we will also donate a FREE SkyRide Gift Certificate for your event, or take any Participant or the Organizer for a FREE SkyRide!

Weekdays: Weekend slots get booked up very quickly, so weekday morning afternoon, and evening bookings are preferred on your day off work when the schedule is more relaxed, and we can spend more time with you than on weekends.  Beausejour is only 30 minutes from Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway, so even after work there’s still plenty of time to arrive for the 6, 7, or 8pm slots during the summer when we can fly until 10pm.

Holiday Long Weekends:  We will accept bookings for only one day of a Holiday Weekend based on your request and our schedule.  Most of us have special family plans on long weekends, so we will take bookings for either the early morning of the 1st day of the long weekend, or the late afternoon of the last day, so we can spend time with our family too.

Choosing a Date to Fly

It is best if you don’t have anything else scheduled right after your flight.  It is common to have delays of an hour or more for bad weather, equipment maintenance, or if a previous group arrives late.   So don’t book anything else for at least 4 hours or more after your start time.  If you have something else planned then make tentative arrangements in case you arrive late or miss it completely.

To make your Reservation by Phone

Call at least 48 hrs or more in advance, and be sure to leave a message.  The Pilot can’t answer calls while flying with other customers. He will call you back within 1 day to confirm your reservation, so be patient and don’t leave more than 1 message per day.  In your message, be sure to state all the following information:

1. You 1st & 2nd choice of date, and range of times you are available each day (don’t just give one specific time).
2. Your first name and the total number of people you are reserving flights for.
3. Your cell phone number, or provide BOTH your home and work numbers that have an answering service.

If you have a pre-paid Gift Certificate or Voucher/Ticket purchased online:  Decide if you want to upgrade your flight and have your credit card handy when you phone to reserve.  We prefer you bring a printed voucher or proof of purchase rather than using an app or a screenshot in case you have connection problems or a dead battery.

Cancel a Reservation, Re-Scheduling

You must cancel by phone at least 24 hours in advance so we can book someone else in your slot.  You can re-book as often as necessary without any expiry date. If you just don’t show up, then you have forfeited your flight and you will have to purchase another one.

We may have to cancel your reservation when you call for the weather check 55 minutes before your scheduled time due to bad weather or equipment maintenance to make sure that you have a perfect day to enjoy your flight in safety and comfort.  You may be rescheduled as often as is necessary, or even postponed to fly next season without any penalty or expiry of your credit.

Instructions for Students taking Lesson Packages

Pilots taking Lessons must book more than 48 hours in advance, in 2 hour slots during the mornings at either 7am or 9 am, or evenings 2 hours before dusk (varies seasonably).  During the winter, we have smooth conditions all day long, and since we are not as busy as summer you can book anytime during the day.  If you have not purchased a lesson package yet, then just select a package and call to make a reservation for your first day, and pre-pay with a credit card so we can send out your training manuals in advance.  Lessons are held based on your personal schedule, so you can book any date or time not on the online schedule at least 1 week or more in advance.  For last-minute reservations that are less than 24 hours in advance or to check for cancellations, please phone and leave a message, do not use email since I only check email once every 2 days, but phone messages are checked every evening.

Now that you have read all the instructions, you are ready to select your date/time by clicking MAKE A RESERVATION, then phone 204-333-9464 to make your reservation to fly!