Tandem Hang Gliding Flights

We recommend that most people choose the Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide for their first flying experience.  Not only is it the most popular choice of our customers, it is also the best value flight for your money offering the longest and most comfortable flying experience we can provide that also includes a silent soaring portion if requested.

But if you are a purist interested in a true un-powered silent flight experience, or for those who have already been on an Ultralight Hang Glider SkyRide and want to try something completely different, we do occasionally offer towed tandem flights on an un-powered Hang Glider with a certified instructor.

These flights are only booked one day per month based on limited demand, the cost is more due to requiring 2 pilots and 2 aircraft, the maximum towed altitude is only 3500 feet, and each flight time will be different based on the conditions and may be shorter than the SkyRides aboard the motorized Ultralight Hang Glider.  The Hang Gliding tandems are also more weather dependent, so are performed only in the mornings and evenings, and may result in more cancellations before having a perfect suitable day to fly.

Towed Tandem Flights on our un-powered Hang Glider are only available once per month during the spring, summer or fall (Easter thru Halloween) with a 7 day advance reservation and pre-payment required.

When you phone to purchase, or to book a date, please be sure to state that you specifically want in these words the “Pure Towed Hang Glider SkyRide” – as most people confuse the names of the different SkyRides we offer since all our aircraft use a Hang Glider wing.