Hang Gliding Lessons

Adventure At Altitude is the ONLY school in Western and Central Canada to utilize INNOVATIVE Aero-Towing Equipment and MODERN Tandem Training Techniques to get you flying solo faster than ever before! 

No more running down the hill!  No more towing behind an ATV!  You gain your experience flying HIGH at cloudbase with your tandem instructor instead of getting frustrated skimming low to the ground, so you can learn to fly solo in as little as 5 days!

Tandem lessons are available anytime based on our flying schedule.  You can take one flight, or several lessons in one day.  Just show up to fly anytime, or make a reservation so that you don’t have to wait.  Package pricing is available.

Hang Gliding Lessons will be held rain or shine.  If the weather is not good for flying we will provide a ground school lecture, or you can practice on the hang gliding simulator.  It perfectly simulates pitch and roll pressures as if you are actually flying, and even duplicates the landing flare.  Simulator use is free of charge for students and spectators.

Adventure At Altitude is the only school in Canada to utilize a powered ultralight trike in hang glider training for students having difficulty mastering control or thermalling techniques.  The ultralight allows more time in the air, provides the ability to cruise around to find thermals, and enables climbing high above the turbulence to find smooth air for personalized training.