Hang Gliding Lessons

NOTE: We are not offering Hang Gliding Lessons for the remainder of the 2016 flying season.  We look forward to see you in Spring 2017!

Adventure At Altitude is the ONLY school in Western and Central Canada to utilize INNOVATIVE Aero-Towing Equipment,  a MOTORIZED Ultralight Hang Glider, plus an EASY Low-level Tow Training Program, using MODERN training wings to get you flying solo QUICKLY!  During an intensive training program you can finish the full course Eagle package in just 5 days, or you can spread your lessons out during an entire season or two as your schedule allows.

There’s no more running down the hill and getting tired pushing the glider back up again….  Instead you gain experience flying HIGH at cloudbase with your tandem instructor with full hands-on control during your 1st lesson.  Then on your 2nd flying lesson you will actually fly solo skimming safely low to the ground while being towed by an ATV in full control of your instructor should you veer off course!  Watch our lesson videos by clicking the “Photos” tab to see what you can expect your 2nd flying lesson of a “Breeze Package” while completing at least 10 or more short tows each lesson.  Then the next video shows progress at the 5th lesson of a Weekender Package with the student being able to fly for longer durations in full control for the full length of the runway before being towed much higher and to begin learning to land gently on your feet instead of the wheels by the end of the course!

Lessons are available anytime in the mornings or evenings based on our flying schedule.  You can take one lesson of 2 hours duration, or up to three lessons in one day.  Just make a reservation at least 48 hrs or more in advance.   Discounted Package pricing is available.  Hang Gliding Lessons can be held rain or shine with a ground school lecture, and flying may be rescheduled.

Adventure At Altitude is the only school in Canada to utilize a powered ultralight trike during hang glider training for students having difficulty mastering control or for learning advanced thermalling techniques.  The ultralight allows more time in the air, provides the ability to cruise around to find thermals, and enables climbing high above the turbulence to find smooth air for personalized training.